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Christmas should be a cheerful celebration - a celebration of warmth, sensuality and of being together. Unfortunately this celebration does not have a positive connotation for all people: the Advent season, especially Christmas, can be a depressing time for people on the edge of society - a time of loneliness. 

This is why we have carried out a Christmas-present initiative for the past three years. It started as a private initiative, since 2020 it has been a part of the Njira association.


What is the Christmas-present initiative?

The Christmas-present initiative consists of a “collection” and a “distribution” period. During the collection period, gifts provided by donors are collected at different locations in the canton of Zurich. The content of those gifts is defined beforehand. 

During the distribution period, the gifts are distributed to recipients in need of aid.


To whom are the gifts distributed?

The gifts are distributed by helpers in brothels, asylum centers, emergency shelters, other institutions for marginalized people as well as at the Alley-Christmas at the Langstrasse in Zurich (see below).

What is the Alley-Christmas?

At the Alley-Christmas we would like to celebrate Christmas in an alternative fashion with people on the margins of society. We offer soup and bread, serve tea, distribute Christmas cookies and gifts. To underline the festivities we are accompanied by singing and music during the evening. The event takes place in the heart of Zurich, on the well-known Langstrasse.

Under Gallery you can find photos of the Alley-Christmas of the past years.

What belongs in the package?

To avoid jealousy or envy we define the contents of the packages. 

You fill the package with:

To avoid jealousy and envy, we specify the contents of the parcel.

In the parcel comes:

  • 1 pair of socks

  • 2 hygiene articles

  • 1 scarf OR 1 cap OR 1 pair of gloves


How can I help?

Development of the Christmas-present initiative

In 2017 we handed out around 150 gifts, in 2018 we got around 450 packages and in 2019 we received around 1000 gifts that we got to distribute in over 15 institutions and at the Alley-Christmas.

For the year 2020 we would also like to carry out our christmas gift project in Bern, Winterthur and St. Gallen! The Alley-Christmas will continue to be held only in Zurich on the Langstrasse.

For the implementation of these major goals we are dependent on your support.

Weihnachtspäckli-Aktion: Programme


If you click on the buttons below, you can read the reports of the past years to get an impression of our projects. 

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