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Christmas is supposed to be a joyous celebration - a celebration of warmth, sensuality and togetherness. Unfortunately, this festival is not characterised by such positive features for everyone. For people on the margins of our society, Advent and especially Christmas is a very depressing time - a time of loneliness.

That's why we launched the Christmas parcel campaign more than six years ago.



Dog-present Initiative

The "Dog-present Initiative" project is based on the already established "Christmas-present Initiative".

In the run-up to Christmas, I collect donations which I then use to put together "dog presents". The dog presents contain goodies, food and a toy. The dog presents are then distributed to dog owners at the Gassenweihnacht on Christmas Eve. I will also be giving away homemade leads and collars at the Gassenweihnacht.

Image by Ingmar


Individual counselling is generally aimed at people in difficult life situations and is based on the three pillars of social integration, administrative support and institutional networking.

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