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together for one another

The association Njira accompanies and supports people living in Switzerland who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Our work is based on the conviction that important aspects in those people’s lives can be changed through willpower, empathy and a strong community. Through our association’s network and direct contacts with well-established institutions we are trying to offer assistance and highlight options. Our work is conducted on an entirely voluntary basis and is independent of any institutions, religions or political parties. Our two main activities are our "buddy-program" and the "Christmas-present initiative".

A vision for community?

Njira is a network of different people with the vision to make the world a little more communal. We are united by a heart for togetherness and the desire to personally support people in difficult life situations. Do you feel addressed? We are currently urgently looking for people who can use their hearts and time to accompany others. There are several ways you can get involved and become part of Njira.
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